Garage Convert To Home Cinema

Convert Garage To Home Cinema

Using the latest technology it is possible to recreate the cinema experience within your own home. With a high definition projector and immersive surround sound system your movies and sporting events will come to life. Whether you are looking to create the big screen in your front room or design and build a dedicated home cinema room Vision Garages can help.
By combining home cinema and home automation using technology such as "Control 4" systems, selecting a movie on your iPad is all you need to do. The projector screen will start to descend, the projector will fire up, the curtains close, the lights dim and then it's movie time!

TV Installation

Any modern television can be used in a home cinema system. In essence, if you already own a good, working, television that has standard audio and video connections in addition to a standard cable or antenna connection, you have at least a basic way of viewing television and DVD images. The question is whether you need to upgrade to a more advanced television, or a big screen projector.
Setting up a Home Cinema requires a few considerations which you may not need to make in a normal conversion.

Why a garage conversion?

A garage conversion cost is significantly lower than the cost of any other typical home extension such as a loft conversion or new building extension. The cost can be as little as a third of the price of other home improvements.
Also, there are less planning regulations and building regulations for garages making them easier, quicker and less hassle when it comes to extra space for your house.
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