Convert Your Garage

Why Convert Your Garage? And What To Convert It To?

Thinking about converting your garage? A standard garage has an approximate square foot of 150. The space is too small to serve as a home parking space for your car. However with our expertise, we can turn that small garage into an extra home space for you and your family. Not only that usually it costs 50% less in comparison to a loft conversion and 75% less in contrast to a basement extension or conversion.

Convert Your Garage Conversion To Home Office

Perhaps you are starting your own business from home? Here's a useful garage conversion idea. Contact Bury Garage Conversions of Manchester and find out how we can turn your garage into a superb home office space to give you the best start to your business.

Convert Your Garage Conversion To Playroom

We all know how much space children's toys take up, and the mess the kids can create! With this great garage playroom conversion idea, your children will be able to play all they like within the comfort and safety of your home. Our garage conversions are always insulated and damp-proofed to a high standard.

Convert Your Garage Conversion To Games Room

There’s nothing better than getting together with friends for a game of pool or some group videogaming. With your own separate games room you will be the envy of your friends! We can provide as many electrical outlets as you would require to get all your devices connected.

Garage Conversion To Dining Room

With the expertise of Bury Garage Conversions the garage conversion company you will finally have that space to host your own dinner party for friends!

Convert Your Garage Conversion To Home Cinema

One of our most outstanding garage conversion jobs this year was a home cinema we converted for a client in Bury. This is a great choice for anyone with a double garage.

Garage Conversion To Extra Bedroom

As our families grow there is always the need for an additional bedroom. Why go through the difficulty of moving home when you can get that unused garage converted into the bedroom you need? Perhaps you would like an en-suite bathroom also?

Garage Conversion To Home Gymnasium

More and more of us are trying to stay fit and healthy, but the cost of a gym membership is always off-putting. With a garage conversion you will benefit from all the convenience of a home gym. Call our Bury Garage Conversions to discuss how we can bring your garage conversion idea to life.

Garage Conversion To Workshop

There is nothing better for a skilled crafts person than having a workshop of your own. Perhaps you are starting your own business? Your home workshop can meet all of your needs.
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