How long will the garage conversion take?

We usually advise that a single integral garage would take around 8 working days, and a double garage conversion around 14 working days. These can differ depending on your requirements.

How much will it cost?

It really depends. There are a few factors which will obviously change the price. Some examples: Have you got a single or double garage? Do you require an en-suite bathroom? Do you need a structural door opening? We need to discuss requirements before we can give you a quote.

Will I need planning permission for my garage conversion?

It is unlikely that you will need planning permission, but we will do the necessary checks to find out.

Will we have signed contracts?

Yes. On all of our projects we will draw up contracts and both parties sign these before work commences. We include a copy of your cancellation rights.

When do I pay for my garage conversion?

We would usually take a deposit of 15% of the overall job value then, depending on the size of the job, break it down into manageable stage payments. We only ask for the final payment once you are 100% satisfied with your new room.

Will we take care of the building regulations?

Yes, we will fill out all the relevant paperwork and send it off to your local council. We will arrange and attend all of the relevant appointments with the building inspectors.

Can you do every part of the garage conversion from start to finish?

Yes, every aspect of your conversion, right from your very first phone call through to completion

Can you match my existing brickwork?

The answer is yes, if it is still being produced (or any remaining stock can be sourced from somewhere!). If not then we will get you the very best alternative match. If the exact 100% match cannot be found then what we do is take down both the left and right brick piers and rebuild the front in the new brick. This leaves a seamless, perfect finish. We use a professional brick matcher, who will come to site prior to commencement, who will send you a few brick samples to ensure you are completely happy with the brick we lay on your job.

How long do you guarantee the job for?

We provide you with a 10-year guarantee.

Who will it be that comes out to see us?

It will be Niall the Company Director. Niall has over 15 years building trade experience. We never use pushy salesmen. We will also aim to have your detailed quote out in the post within just 24 hours.

Have you got previous garage conversions we can see?

Of course! We have carried out countless garage conversions and we highly recommend you go and speak with our past clients. This is the best way for you to know first-hand just how seriously we commit to our work.

Can I view work in progress?

Yes, we have ALWAYS got work in progress. This will allow you, first-hand, to see how professional and dedicated our garage conversion teams are. Alternatively our Facebook page is constantly updated with past and current garage conversion pictures check it out here: Facebook

Do you hold full Public and Employers Liability Insurance?

Yes, our policy covers us for no less than five million pounds.

Will you protect my driveway?

This comes as standard with each and every garage conversion we carry out. We put down a visqueen sheet and then cover the drive with plywood. This protects the drive from skips and general building work.

Will there be a lot of mess and disruption?

We take great care in keeping the mess on site to a minimum, and there will be minimal disruption.

Do you have a project manager who will oversee the conversion project?

Yes, we project-manage our work, so you can rest assured your conversion will go smoothly. He will liaise with you directly and regularly to make sure you get your dream job.

Do you use full-time staff or do you use subcontractors?

We do not use subcontractors full-stop. All of our lads are cards-in, time-served, tradesmen.

Will the new garage conversion floor finish level with the existing floor in our house?

We always make sure your new floor comes completely level with your existing floor. It is also a building regulations requirement for any garage conversion in order for it to be passed off by the local authority.

Are your employees CRB checked?

Yes, all of our staff have been CRB checked.

Will a garage conversion add value to our property?

Creating extra habitable living space in your home by converting your garage is a proven and not to mention extremely cost-effective way of adding value to any property.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We would never share your details with any other companies. We dislike pushy cold callers just as much as you do.

Do you have local garage conversions that I can see?

If you live anywhere within the North West then chances are there is a completed Bury garage conversion within just a short distance from you.

What else do you do?

We provide all your domestic building solutions under one roof. Just check out the tabs over to the left to see the full range of services, from the most ambitious of home extensions to minor repair jobs.

Will I be hassled by pushy salespeople once I have my quote?

Not a chance! We do not employ any pushy salespeople. We instead prefer to speak with you honestly and truthfully and strive to earn your trust and most importantly to maintain it.

How soon after accepting my quotation can you start?

We can usually begin your garage conversion within a 4 weeks of getting the green light from you. This gives us time to match your brick and to make all the arrangements with your local authority. In this time we will also sign all the necessary contracts, take measurements of your garage for materials orders and set your site up ready for commencement.

Will there be lots of mess at my property?

We are renowned for the tidiness and cleanliness of our sites during and after our garage conversions. We protect your driveway from scrapes and scuffs by laying plastic sheeting and plywood boards, and use dust sheets inside your home. We aim to leave your property in the condition it was when we first arrived.

My budget is tight. Won’t you be too expensive for me?

You'd be surprised how often we get asked this! We are built on good old fashioned values such as value for money and a fair price for a good day's work. Every job, like every customer, is unique, so we strive to always cater for your own individual budget. Bury Garage Conversions will give you the results you truly want, but don't worry, we won't break the bank in doing so.

I only have a rough idea of what I want – can you assist me with some garage conversion ideas?

Of course! Everyone starts out at the same stage as you. We have been turning people's building ideas into reality for years now, and we can do the same for you. Check out the Ideas Gallery for an ever expanding array of garage conversion suggestions, for all types and sizes of garage. We can take your garage conversion ideas as far as you want, from simply leaving you with a plastered finish all the way through to a fully decorated and furnished room with a home cinema system. We have the skills and the links with other great North West companies to get the results you want.